2014 World Cup Team Previews: Algeria Betting Prediction

World Cup 2014 Team Spotlight – Algeria

This is the 4th time that Algeria has qualified for the World Cup. It should come as no surprise that the results have not been great. [ad-1519080]


Group H: Russia, Belgium, Korea Republic, Algeria
Odds to Win Group H:  +1500
Odds to Win World Cup:  +100000
Group Stage Schedule
June 17 vs. Belgium
June 22 vs. Korea
June 26 vs. Russia
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World Cup History

In their first tournament they won a couple of games at the group stage but last time, in South Africa, they failed to even score a goal in three matches.

The expectations for this year are to mirror that latter performance.


In qualifying Algeria did not lose a game and averaged 2 goals per contest so perhaps they have a little more punch this time around.  However, that was against mostly inferior competition so their is going to have to stand up in Brazil.
In qualifying they were able to stifle opponents early and set the pace for the kind of game they wanted to play.

The desert foxes will have to be pretty tricky if they are going to try and sneak through and advance.


To say they don’t have enough talent would be easy but it probably goes deeper than that.  Algeria may be sound strategically on defense but I think they are going to get overpowered, especially against Belgium and Russia.

There is a power to European teams that is not as prominent in African futbol.

Algeria had a huge upset against West Germany back in 1982 but that was a long time ago.  They are rated properly near the bottom of the World Cup table.

Key Player – Sofiane Feghouli

Though eligible to play for France Feghouli has decided to suit up for Algeria. The right winger is a quality player but hardly the kind of star capable of putting the team and nation on his back in an event like this.

They certainly need him to play well but if the Fennec Foxes are going to be a threat they need him and the few other players on the squad playing in the top leagues to all be at the top of their games and productive – he only scored 4 goals for Valencia.

Prediction – 4th Group H

Algeria will probably play for draws against Russia and Belgium and if they can get one it would actually be a win.

Their placement within the group will ultimately come down to how they fare against Korea. The Koreans are the better squad and this game will take place with them still having a chance to advance.

They should dump Algeria and leaving them winless again. has Soccer Odds up on a ton of futures, and you will also find World Cup odds up for early games as well.

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