Cappers NHL Picks: NHL December 15th 2014 Power Rankings

Where Each NHL Team Stands 10 Weeks In

It’s been two weeks since we updated the Rankings – the new top dog has made quite a jump thanks to a seven game win streak. Injuries to Jonathan Toews and Sidney Crosby threaten to create a bit of a shake-up in two weeks time but right now their respective teams are still playing some good hockey.

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Change is the theme in the NHL Power Rankings – this edition is no different.

So where does you favorite team lay in the bi-weekly edition of the NHL Power Rankings?

Let’s take a look.

1. Anaheim Ducks 21-6-5 (Two Weeks Ago: 9) – The Ducks have won seven straight games and now sit atop the NHL standings by five points. Corey Perry’s injury certainly hurts but this team is impressively finding a way to still win!

2. Chicago Blackhawks 21-9-1 (Two Weeks Ago: 10) – The Hawks are 9-1-0 in their last 10 games and are a league-best +34 in goal differential. It was only a matter of time but the Hawks are finally where they rightfully belong.

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3. Pittsburgh Penguins 19-6-4 (Two Weeks Ago: 2) – The Pens are dealing with an “illness: to Sidney Crosby – the mumps will keep him out a while. Still, the team has gone 6-2-2 in the last couple of weeks and looks like the deepest team in the game right now.

4. St. Louis Blues 20-8-2 (Two Weeks Ago: 3) – The Blues have won four straight games heading into this week and are 7-2-1 in their last 10 games. Everything is impressive about this team from the goaltenders out!

5. Tampa Bay Lightning 19-9-3 (Two Weeks Ago: 4) – The Lightning continue to be the most prolific offense in the NHL right now – they have 105 goals so far – 10 more than the next highest scoring team. Ben Bishop has struggled but will come around sooner than later.

6. Nashville Predators 19-8-2 (Two Weeks Ago: 1) – The Preds have fallen back a tad but have gone just 6-3-1 in their last 10 games. They have gone a league best 11-2-1 on home ice and barely sit outside the top 5 this week.

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7. Detroit Red Wings 17-7-7 (Two Weeks Ago: 7) – the Wings lost to a scorching Leafs team on Saturday but have still gone 6-2-2 in their last 10 games overall. A healthy Wings team is a scary one – not even the reports of a possible coaching change can slow this team down.

8. Montreal Canadiens 19-10-2 (Two Weeks Ago: 5) – The Habs have are scuffling – 4-5-1 in their last 10 games. But most of those losses came on the road. They are 11-3-1 on home ice and are coming off good wins against LA and Vancouver at Bell Center where they will remain for the next week.

9. New York Islanders 20-10-0 (Two Weeks Ago: 6) – The Islanders are just 6-4-0 in their last 10 games but still sit with 40 points on the year. How about their 5-0 record in the shootout?

10. Vancouver Canucks 18-10-2 (Two Weeks Ago: 8) – The Canucks have suddenly lost four straight games but three of those losses came on their season-long seven game road trip. Back at home expect this team to pick up their play and ride their unforeseen depth.

11. Toronto Maple Leafs 18-9-3 (Two Weeks Ago: 14) – the Leafs won their fifth straight game on Sunday night – this time against the Los Angeles Kings and are 8-1-1 in their last 10 games overall. Everything is going right for this team right now – maybe the faithful will calm down a bit. Nah!

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12. San Jose Sharks 17-11-4 (Two Weeks Ago: 18) – are 7-2-1 in the last 10 games and enter this week on a three game winning streak. The Sharks sit in eleventh place in the standings – where they should be after an unflattering couple of weeks to end November.

13. Los Angeles Kings 15-10-6 (Two Weeks Ago: 13)
14. Calgary Flames 17-13-2 (Two Weeks Ago: 11)
15. Winnipeg Jets 15-10-6 (Two Weeks Ago: 17)
16. Minnesota Wild 16-11-1 (Two Weeks Ago: 15)
17. Florida Panthers 12-8-8 (Two Weeks Ago: 23)
18. Boston Bruins 15-13-2 (Two Weeks Ago: 12)
19. Washington Capitals 14-10-5 (Two Weeks Ago: 19)
20. New York Rangers 13-10-4 (Two Weeks Ago: 16)
21. Colorado Avalanche 10-13-7(Two Weeks Ago: 22)
22. Ottawa Senators 12-12-5 (Two Weeks Ago: 20)
23. New Jersey Devils 11-15-5 (Two Weeks Ago: 24)
24. Dallas Stars 11-13-5(Two Weeks Ago: 21)
25. Philadelphia Flyers 11-13-5 (Two Weeks Ago: 26)
26. Buffalo Sabres 12-16-2 (Two Weeks Ago: 28)
27. Columbus Blue Jackets 12-15-2 (Two Weeks Ago: 30)
28. Arizona Coyotes 10-16-4 (Two Weeks Ago: 25)
29. Carolina Hurricanes 8-18-3 (Two Weeks Ago: 27)
30. Edmonton Oilers 7-18-5 (Two Weeks Ago: 29)

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