August 23rd 2010: Daily Sports News – Gossip – Headlines

Sports water cooler headlines and sports gossip for Monday August 23rd, 2010. Shea Matthews weighs in with his analysis and opinions on today’s sports action…

Water Cooler – August 23rd, 2010

Here we go with today’s sports water cooler talk. Here, you won’t just find the straight news; you’ll find the stuff everyone is talking about – the ice breakers, the Twitter Sports Picks and topics…well, basically all the stuff you discuss at the water cooler.


Two major farewells in Major League Baseball punctuated the weekend of sports news.

MLB news: Lou Piniella retires suddenly; Stephen Strasburg awaits MRI, possibly done for season

Lou Piniella retires

I suppose Lou Piniella and Bobby Cox don’t have to worry about stealing each other’s thunder as retiring managers come fall. After all, Sweet Lou is finished managing as of this morning.

Deciding to spend more time with his ailing mother, Lou Piniella announced his retirement from managing in the majors yesterday. He had planned to play out the rest of 2010 but, upon his family situation changing, decided to manage one last game – yesterday’s battle with the Braves – before immediately calling it a career.

Talk of Lou’s replacement has already begun and, given we’re talking about the Chicago Cubs, it comes as no surprise that Ryne Sandberg’s name is popping up everywhere.

Stephen Strasburg’s career is way at the opposite end of the spectrum; the dynamic rookie is just cutting his teeth in the bigs. But it appears we have to say goodbye to him as well, at least for the time being. He strained a tendon in his right forearm during Saturday’s start and awaits the results of an MRI. It’s possible he could return for his next start; it’s just as possible he could be shut down for the season and end up in Dr. James Andrews’ office. Gulp.

NFL news: Haynesworth probably has rhabdomyolysis

Maybe all Albert Haynesworth’s failed tests and complaining were warranted after all? reported that the Redskins defensive tackle likely has rhabdomyolysis. The condition causes extensive muscle breakdown and can be brought on by heat and overexertion. Haynesworth missed time last week due to headaches – which could have been symptoms of the disorder.

NBA news: Man convicted of killing Michael Jordan’s father believes he will be proven innocent

Hard to believe it’s been 17 years since Michael Jordan’s father, James, was murdered and 14 years since Daniel Andre Green was convicted of the crime. But it’s true. And, since then, Green has worked hard in prison, studying law and amassing whatever information he can to prove he did not commit the crime. In 2008, he filed a 122-page motion questioning how the prosecution handled his original case.

In a recent Associated Press interview, Green explained that re-examining the case’s blood evidence can prove his innocence. While he admits to helping dispose of Jordan’s body, he insists he had nothing to do with the murder.

NHL news: league changes shootout rules; Kaberle changing his mind?

Purists out there just scored a minor victory against NHL shootouts. While the league isn’t scrapping the sideshow – plenty of fans do enjoy shootouts – it has officially modified their impact. Shootout victories will no longer be acknowledged as legitimate tiebreakers in the standings. From now on, regulation and overtime wins will be the primary tiebreaking criteria. The hope is that the change will increase teams’ motivation to win before the shootout arrives.

After all that Tomas Kaberle hoopla and ultimate failure to deal him Toronto, one person thinks Tomas will still get moved this season after all: his dad.

Frantisek Kaberle Sr. believes Kaberle won’t re-sign with Toronto unless Coach Ron Wilson is gone and that his son will get moved (and waive his no trade clause) at some point this season.

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