Cappers NHL Picks: NHL December 1st 2014 Power Rankings

Where Each NHL Team Stands 8 Weeks In

It’s been two weeks since we updated the Rankings and the big dogs, outside of the Montreal Canadiens are doing their part to stay near the top. Meanwhile some unheralded teams still occupy spots in the dirty dozen.

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There has been a minor shakeup atop the Power Rankings – the Preds with a new coach, a new philosophy and a new lease on life reign supreme.

So where does you favorite team lay in the bi-weekly edition of the NHL Power Rankings? Let’s take a look.

1. Nashville Predators 16-5-2 (Two Weeks Ago: 6)

The Preds have moved into a tie for first place in the overall standings thanks to an 8-2-0 stretch and a four game win streak. They have allowed just 46 goals in 23 games – best in the league.

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The offense is doing its part and Pekka Rinne is an astounding 16-3-1 with a 1.82 GAA.

2. Pittsburgh Penguins 16-5-2 (Two Weeks Ago: 3)

The Pens are another team sitting atop the standings and have gone 6-3-1 in their last 10 games. They lead the league in goals scored (81 in 23 games) and have been getting it done while Sidney Crosby is in a bit of a slump. When he comes around and the Pens may be unstoppable.

3. St. Louis Blues 16-6-2 (Two Weeks Ago: 2)

The Blues have won two straight games and sit in that log-jam atop the overall standings. St. Louis is one of the most complete teams in the game – a nightmare to play against each and every night. Strange sighting of the week? Martin Brodeur skating with the team!

4. Tampa Bay Lightning 16-6-2 (Two Weeks Ago: 4)

The Lightning have won three straight games heading into the week and are yet another team with 34 points. Goaltender Ben Bishop has been terrific and Alex Killhorn has eight points in his last seven games. Balance has the Lightning top 5 this week… again!

5. Montreal Canadiens 16-7-2 (Two Weeks Ago: 1)

The Habs have lost three straight games – two to the Sabres! Although the slump is noteworthy, this team still sits top 5 as the best of the Canadian teams and because Carey Price is still one of the best keepers in the land.

6. New York Islanders 17-7-0 (Two Weeks Ago: 10)

The Islanders are the last of the six teams tied with 34 points atop the overall standings. They are 8-2-0 in their last 10 games and have won 12 of their last 14.

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Jaroslav Halak has been the difference – he is 12-4 on the year and has guided his team to a 5-0 shootout record.

7. Detroit Red Wings 14-5-5 (Two Weeks Ago: 11)

The Wings enter this week riding a four game win streak – they cooled off the Canucks on Sunday and have gone 7-2-1 in their last 10 games overall. Gustav Nyqvist has been remarkable and the team as a whole shows no quit as evidenced by their shootout win last week in which they came from four down.

8. Vancouver Canucks 16-67-1 (Two Weeks Ago: 7)

The Canucks are 6-3-1 in their last 10 games but had a hard time with the Wings on Sunday. They are in the midst of a long road trip but are an impressive 9-4 away from home this year. Offensive balance has been the theme in Vancouver and the top line of Sedin-Sedin-Vrbata has been good as well.

9. Anaheim Ducks 14-6-5 (Two Weeks Ago: 5)

The Ducks are just 4-3-3 in their last 10 games but are still formidable even though mumps have ravaged the team. They added Eric Brewer last week to a defense that had been a tad suspect early. With the talent on this team there is no way they slip out of the top 10.

10. Chicago Blackhawks 15-8-1 (Two Weeks Ago: 14)

The Hawks have gone a terrific 5-1 on their current road trip with wins in LA, Anaheim and Vancouver. They are 8-2-0 in their last 10 games and finally enter the top 10 – where they should have been all year long. The Hawks roster is scary – I don’t expect them to slip out of the top 10 again this year!

11. Calgary Flames 15-8-2 (Two Weeks Ago: 8)

The Flames aren’t going away! They are 7-3-0 in their last 10 games and the young corp. has been terrific.

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John Gaudreau has 17pts, Sean Monahan has 16pts, and TJ Brodie has 21 pts.

12. Boston Bruins 11-8-0 (Two Weeks Ago: 9)

The Bruins have overcome a rash of injuries and have gone 6-3-1 in their last 10 games. You can’t keep a good team down for long especially when Tuukka Rask is playing at the level he is!

13. Los Angeles Kings 12-7-5 (Two Weeks Ago: 15)
14. Toronto Maple 12-8-3 (Two Weeks Ago: 22)
15. Minnesota Wild 13-9-1 (Two Weeks Ago: 13)
16. New York Rangers 11-8-4(Two Weeks Ago: 21)
17. Winnipeg Jets 12-9-4 (Two Weeks Ago: 17)
18. San Jose Sharks 11-10-4 (Two Weeks Ago: 12)
19. Washington Capitals 10-9-4 (Two Weeks Ago: 19)
20. Ottawa Senators 10-9-4 (Two Weeks Ago: 18)
21. Dallas Stars 9-10-5(Two Weeks Ago: 16)
22. Colorado Avalanche 9-10-5 (Two Weeks Ago: 23)
23. Florida Panthers 9-6-6 (Two Weeks Ago: 25)
24. New Jersey Devils 9-11-4 (Two Weeks Ago: 26)
25. Arizona Coyotes 9-12-3 (Two Weeks Ago: 24)
26. Philadelphia Flyers 8-12-3 (Two Weeks Ago: 20)
27. Carolina Hurricanes 7-13-3 (Two Weeks Ago: 27)
28. Buffalo Sabres 8-14-2 (Two Weeks Ago: 30)
29. Edmonton Oilers 6-14-4 (Two Weeks Ago: 29)
30. Columbus Blue Jackets 6-15-2 (Two Weeks Ago: 28)

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