Final 4 Basketball Picks: Handicapping Angles – Weekly Free Parlay

Final Four Free Parlay Picks

I am not a huge parlay guy but I have to admit the Final Four is probably the ultimate parlay opportunity provided you can find the right numbers.

FINAL 4 Lines & Matchup Insight

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I say that for a few reasons like lots of recent data, lots of square and sharp action to potentially play off of, limited options (those NFL parlays can kill you) and not to be forgotten the games are right there in front of you and you know you are going to watch.

Now I am not saying chase your losses on Saturday night but if you have been having success and are feeling good why not take a shot.

Duke -5

Duke is a great bet to win it all now that they have gotten to this stage. They are definitely more talented than the Spartans and have shown to have the right qualities to close out games that feel close but don’t wind up being so on the scoreboard.

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I think this will be one of those, a game that finds itself in that 3-6 point range until a guy like Quinn Cook nails a three late and the Blue Devils make their free throws down the stretch. Duke -5 is a really nice value and you can probably bet now with confidence.

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My hunch is that it might slide down to -4 but then jump higher on gameday. It might be hard to time.

Wisconsin +5

I guess it is deja vu for the folks in Madison with back to back games against Arizona and Kentucky.

This year I greatly like their chances of beating the blue Wildcats, especially after what I saw from UK against Notre Dame.

The Badgers do not have a player like Jerian Grant in the backcourt but they are much bigger and more dangerous up front with Kaminsky and Dekker and I am confident that Bo Ryan will take advantage of how the Cats were exposed.

More importantly the Badgers are much stronger closers than the Irish. I truly think the Badgers can win outright so taking them +5 is a very strong play.

Wisconsin/Kentucky Over 131

This might be listed third but this is still a very strong opinion.

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Yes, I am well aware of the fact that Kentucky is a strong defensive team but I am also confident that the Badgers are going to put points on the board. The game between these two went over last year and this total is set lower than the one for the Notre Dame game – which was 137.5.

I don’t get establishing this number below that and in fact this might be the best value option of the three. Kentucky is 1-3 over in the tourney but Wisconsin is the reverse including 85 points against Arizona last week. This game will have enough flow to get there.

Quickie Math:  All bets are paying off at the standard -110 right now

On a $100 bet the payoff would be $590…Not bad.

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By The Wiesguy

The Wiesguy is a newcomer to the handicapping scene. Hailing from Toronto, Canada he is always sweet on the underdogs and you can often find his thoughts, musings and picks at