NBA Futures Betting: Houston vs. Golden State Series Preview

NBA Betting: Rockets vs Warriors Predictions

The Warriors are exactly where everyone thought they would be but the Rockets were left for dead before they resurrected themselves and beat the Clippers in seven games.

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NBA Series Odds

 Golden State -880, Houston +660

Series Schedule:

  • G1 May 19 Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors
  • G2 May 21 Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors
  • G3 May 23 Golden State Warriors at Houston Rockets
  • G4 May 25 Golden State Warriors at Houston Rockets
  • *G5 May 27 Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors
  • *G6 May 29 Golden State Warriors at Houston Rockets
  • *G7 May 31 Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors
  • *if necessary

Golden State Warriors vs. Houston Rockets Preview

Coming into the series it is easy to forget that these were the top two seeds in the West so maybe this is the series we should have been expecting all along. Right?  P.S. Golden State owned the Rockets during the regular season.

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Golden State got a bit of a scare against Memphis. They got knocked down but they got back up showing a resiliency that should serve them well no matter how far they go from here. They are back on target for the NBA Finals and are heavy favourites to meet Cleveland there.

If the Warriors got a scare I don’t know what you call what Houston went through. Not only were they down 3-1 but they were getting dominated by the Clippers…it was ugly. I am still amazed they emerged victorious. It says a lot about the resilience of this group too but this is another bad matchup.


Steph Curry has had a couple of bad games but mostly he has been terrific in the playoffs. It a sign of his quality that he can right himself and when he is on this group of starters is better than any other on the playoffs. They probably are even when he is average too. Draymond Green continues to deliver and be an x factor for the Warriors. Like so many of the starters he does a lot of things well.

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There are only two spots I see where the Rockets have an advantage…and they are really close.  I love James Harden but there is a good chance he will be outscored by Klay Thompson at the two and the only other spot they are stronger is at center where Dwight Howard still has his moments. Bogut is only a defensive presence. Jason Terry has been starting for Houston. That kind of says it all.

Advantage:  Warriors


Golden State has solid bench they just don’t rely on them too much. While some teams use their reserves to try and change things up Golden State looks for these guys to hold the line just long enough for their starters get a blow. David Lee and Iggy are nice security blankets though.

Houston has definitely relied on it bench in these playoffs. Pablo Prigioni continues to make a name for himself and even Josh Smith has made a few contributions – though he moves back and forth from the bench to the lineup. Add in Corey Brewer and the Rockets really are counting on Harden and the bench to come through.

Advantage:  Rockets


I am not sure it was great coaching but you have to admire the calm of Steve Kerr. When Golden State struggled against Memphis he stayed the course and they turned it around. He has total faith in his guys and a cool that belies his total lack of experience.

My sense is that Kevin McHale is a terrible game coach and that Harden is bailing him out a ton with the way he makes winning plays.

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Other than Harden this team shows little consistency which I think falls at the coach’s feet. Did he coach them back against L.A. or did they gut it out?

Advantage:  Warriors

4* NBA Series Prediction:

You have to question how much Houston has left in the tank after what they had to do to get by the Clippers. No matter what the scenario they would have been big dogs against Golden State but now it is hard to give much of a chance. Their best shot is probably in game one where they might have some adrenaline left over. If not this one could be over quick with some lopsided losses again for Houston.

The Warriors will win in five games.

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