Golden State Warriors’ Odds To Win 2016 NBA Championship

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The Golden State Warriors hold the third-best odds to win the 2016 NBA championship after free agency has finally calmed down. But in the eyes of many, the Dubs will remain favorites until knocked off — especially with virtually every major piece of the puzzle returning next season.

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Head Coach: Steve Kerr
Conference: West
2014-15 Record: 67-15
Odds To Win 2016 NBA Championship: 11/2

Team Strengths

Anytime you have the reigning MVP on your roster, you’re going to be considered a dangerous team. That’s especially true what that player can create shots for both himself and his teammates, and can hit a jumper from just about anywhere inside the half-court line.

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Behind Curry, you’ve got Klay Thompson coming into his own. The Warriors’ decision to keep its 2-guard and not swap him for Kevin Love looked a bit misguided entering 2014-15, but by the time the year came to a close, it looked as if Steve Kerr and crew knew what they were doing all along.

One of the question marks on this roster is whether or not Draymond Green will live up to the max contract he’s going to start earning next season. But that’s a good problem to have, seeing as this just does just about everything well, even though he doesn’t stand out as a consistent offensive option.

Depth is also going to be this team’s crutch throughout the year. They did ship out David Lee this summer, but with a roster full of players willing to adapt to their respective roles, Golden State is in good shape.

Team Weaknesses

This is going to sound strange. You ready for it?

One of Golden State’s weaknesses is that it was unbelievably healthy last season.

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In a championship run, health is crucial. Golden State learned that the nice way last season, while the Cleveland Cavaliers learned that the hard way.

But assuming the world issues us some balance in 2015-16, the Warriors won’t be able to escape a second-straight season without a collection of injuries, meaning we’ll see how this team does in times of adversity after having never faced it last year.

Why They Can Win 2016 NBA Championship

The Warriors proved last season that experience isn’t necessarily the most important factor in a championship run. Lucky for them, they now have the experience to top the sheer talent that earned them their first Larry O’Brien Trophy in 40 years.

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The truth is that no bet is a safe bet out West. Golden State will be the favorites in certain circles, but the San Antonio Spurs have gotten better with LaMarcus Aldridge and David West, the Los Angeles Clippers are seemingly better with Paul Pierce, Lance Stephenson and Josh Smith joining the incumbent Big Three, and the Houston Rockets have a chance to make it as well if Dwight Howard can stay healthy.

The Warriors will face tough competition all season long, but don’t discredit them just because the West is brutal. Remember: Golden State isn’t just in the league’s tougher conference; it’s part of the reason the West has become a powerhouse in its own right from a league-wide perspective.

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