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2010 Fantasy Football Awards

The 2010 Fantasy Football season is coming to a close, and a few players who rose to the top have became Dave B’s Fantasy All Stars…

Dave B’s 2010 Fantasy All-Stars

The Fantasy season has come to a close. How many of you picked up Kevin Walter as a replacement for Andre Johnson during Super Bowl week? I did and it cost me the Title! Needless to say, Kevin Walter is not on the All-Stars list.

Enjoy the last Fantasy Football musings of Dave B for 2010.

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Tom Brady – New England Patriots – How can you argue with this one? Brady has been magic this season and although he hasn’t hit the magical 4000 yard mark, he has tossed 34 touchdown run for one and has turned the ball over just five times (4 interceptions and 1 fumble). He has been consistent and remarkable no matter the field conditions and is the QB MVP!

Michael Vick – Philadelphia Eagles – He is not the MVP because he didn’t play in every game of the season. But when he was in the game, his numbers were certainly worthy of All-Star status. Vick has started 12 games this season and those who took a chance on him during drafts probably played for the Championship last week. Vick has passed for 21 touchdowns in his 12 games and has added an astonishing 676 yards and 9 touchdowns on the ground!

Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers – Remember, Rodgers missed almost two games but still finished second in total touchdowns (27 passing and 4 rushing). He would have easily been over 4000 yards if not for his concussions. He gets the All-Star nod because he had 7 less interceptions than Manning and 11 less interceptions than Brees.


Arian Foster – Houston Texans – Foster has a 50 yard lead over Jamaal Charles in the rushing race. He has run for 1436 yards and he has added 64 catches and 594 yards receiving. 2000 yards combined and 16 combined scores makes Foster the RB MVP by a mile this season.

Peyton Hillis – Cleveland Browns – Hillis wins the award for Waiver Wire add of the Year and makes the All-Star squad based on his stellar, consistent play in a bad offense. He had 1164 yards rushing with 11 touchdowns and 60 catches for 474 yards and two touchdowns receiving. Hillis was a beast and was definitely worth of his position as an All-Star. Sports Betting at

Honourable Mention: Adrian Peterson – Minnesota Vikings, Darren McFadden – Oakland Raiders


Dwayne Bowe – Kansas City Chiefs – Bowe had a three week stretch of a lifetime this season and will finish with the most TDs among WRs in the league. Although he has the least receiving yards among Dave B’s All-Stars (1094), there is no ignoring the 15 touchdown catches when the next best has 12.

Brandon Lloyd – Denver Broncos – Lloyd, like Peyton Hillis, was a Waiver Wire add that paid off Big Time this season. Although he tailed off at the end of the season, Lloyd still leads the NFL in receiving yards by 50 yards. 1375 yards and 10 touchdowns is certainly All-Star material, don’t you think?

Roddy White – Atlanta Falcons – White leads the league in receptions with 109 catches. The next best has 86! White is second in yardage as well. He may have been the WR MVP but he has only hit Pay Dirt nine times.

Honourable Mention: Greg Jennings – Green Bay Packers


Jason Whitten – Dallas Cowboys – Whitten is the clear cut TE MVP. He caught 90 passes (he would have been 2nd in receptions if he was a receiver!) and scored nine times. He also leads all TEs with 956 yards. He should hit 1000 yards in Week 17.

Antonio Gates – San Diego Chargers – Gates has played five less games than the other TEs in the league is still third in yardage and is still the TE leader in touchdowns with 10. Too bad about the injury, Gates could have been the league Fantasy MVP!


Pittsburgh Steelers – No surprise here! The Steelers have allowed the fewest points in the NFL, they are tied with the most sacks, they average one interception and one fumble per game, and they have scored three touchdowns this season. They have been dominant and the best defensive unit BY FAR!


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Dave B has been a Fantasy Football Junkie and writer for for 10 years. A couch potato wannabe, Dave’s insights have been read by 10’s of people for years. He hope’s for world peace + global relaxation. Enjoy folks – and remember only smoke things that are completely natural.

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Dave B has been a Fantasy Football writer for us for 10 years. A couch potato wannabe, Dave’s insights have been read by 10’s of people for years. He hope’s for world peace + global relaxation. Enjoy and remember only smoke things that are completely natural.