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2009 Fantasy Football Awards

The 2009 Fantasy Football season is coming to a close, and a few players who rose to the top have became Dave B’s Fantasy All Stars…

Dave B’s 2009 Fantasy All Stars

The Waiver wire is done for the year, so we’re changing it up on you today…

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The 2009 Fantasy Football season is coming to a close and there was no shortage of amazing individual performances. There were a few players who rose to the top and became Dave B’s Fantasy All Stars.

Before the season, it was easy to predict who would be mentioned in this column, – Brady, Adrian Peterson, Randy Moss, but as the season wore on, some new Studs emerged and would ultimately become the most prolific Fantasy scorers at their respective positions.

Here then is Dave B’s 2009 edition of the Fantasy All Stars.


Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay – Rodgers entered the season with lofty goals – he was the 5th or 6th Quarterback taken in most Fantasy Drafts. Nobody thought that he was capable of 4000 yards passing, and 28 touchdowns with only 7 interceptions. His passing however, is not the only reason that Rodgers is an All Star. Rodgers will certainly rush for more than 300 yards by year’s end and has scored 4 touchdowns and counting on the ground. Rodgers has been the most consistent Quarterback in the NFL this year and with 32 touchdowns so far this year, he is my Fantasy Quarterback MVP.

Runner Up – Drew Brees – New Orleans – Brees has lit the league on fire as well this year with 33 touchdowns and counting. However, Brees has had some dud games – he failed to throw a touchdown in Week 3 and 4. A 6 touchdown game and a 5 touchdown game along the way padded his stats immensely. A bit more consistency would have meant that Brees would have run away with my Fantasy QB MVP honor.

Honorable Mention – Pathan Manning – Indianapolis – Averaged just over 300 yards per game this year and has thrown 33 touchdowns so far.


Chris Johnson – Tennessee – Is definitely on his way to the Rushing Title, and is out rushing the second place player (Steven Jackson) by almost 400 yards. Add in the 44 receptions and almost 450 yards receiving, and Johnson is the obvious choice for Dave B’s Fantasy Running Back MVP. Johnson has been a monster week in and week out, scoring 13 combined touchdowns – not bad for a player that was drafted in most leagues’ 3rd or 4th round. Chris Johnson will be the 1st player taken in MOST Fantasy drafts next year. If you are in a keeper league and own CJ, I congratulate you.

Runner Up – Maurice Jones-Drew – Jacksonville – Jones-Drew has also been a monster this year, scoring 3 more touchdowns than the MVP. He, unfortunately was plagued by the same thing that Drew Brees was – he seemed to disappear at times during the season. There was a 4 game stretch (weeks 11-14) when MJD didn’t rush for over 76 yards. Jones-Drew led the league in multi-touchdown games, but lacked the consistency to be called a Fantasy MVP.

Honorable Mention – Ray Rice – Baltimore – Over 1100 yards rushing so far with 7 touchdowns combined with 73 CATCHES for 669 YARDS so far. Lets put it this way folks, only 9 Wide Receivers have more catches than Ray Rice – Unreal!


Andre Johnson – Houston – Absolutely on fire right now. He was having a special season early on, but the last 2 games (196 yards and 193 yards respectively) has vaulted Johnson into the Fantasy MVP position. 1433 yards so far, 90 catches and 8 touchdowns on a team that has NO running game means that teams are expecting Johnson to get the ball. He has fought through weekly double teams and Defensive schemes to emerge as the Best Fantasy Wide Receiver in the land. Good for you Andre – you deserve it!!Sports Betting at

Runner Up – Reggie Wayne – Indianapolis – Wayne is undoubtedly the quietest All Star of the bunch. He has the 2nd most yards and the 2nd most touchdowns amongst Wide Receivers in the NFL and you never hear a word from him. He’s as classy as they come and a Fantasy Stud.

Honorable Mention – Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona – As steady a performer as there is, Fitzgerald has been Money in the Bank all year. 89 catches, over 1000 yards and 11 touchdowns has Larry barely on the outside looking in.


Dallas Clark – Indianapolis – Clark has been a Fantasy Goldmine during the playoffs – the main reason why he’s the Fantasy Tight End MVP for 2009. He’s scored 5 touchdown in the last 2 games!!! Add in the nearly 1000 yards so far and the 89 catches and it’s a no brainer.

Runner Up – Antonio Gates – San Diego – Gates has 1071 yards receiving so far – only 10 Wide Receivers have that many yards. Nuff said!


Philadelphia Eagles – They are at or nearly at the top of the league in Safeties, Sacks, Forced Fumbles, Interceptions and Defensive TD’s. What else could you ask for?

Runner Up – New Orleans Saints – This group have played over their heads ALL YEAR. If you thought that the Saints Defense/Special Teams would have 9 touchdowns and 24 interceptions, congratulations because nobody else did.


Not gonna waste my time or yours.

Dave B has been a Fantasy Football Junkie and writer for for 10 years. A couch potato wannabe, Dave’s insights have been read by 10’s of people for years. He hope’s for world peace + global relaxation. Enjoy folks – and remember only smoke things that are completely natural.

By DaveB

Dave B has been a Fantasy Football writer for us for 10 years. A couch potato wannabe, Dave’s insights have been read by 10’s of people for years. He hope’s for world peace + global relaxation. Enjoy and remember only smoke things that are completely natural.