2016 Super Bowl Odds & NFL Futures Predictions

2016 Super Bowl Favorites – Who ya got?

Ya, ya Super Bowl 49 is barely in the books but it is never, ever too early to start talking about next year – is it? The withdrawal has started already!

NFL Handicapping Insight

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Vegas has released the odds for the winner of the game at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. Let’s break down some of the favorites and look at some value on the board to win it all next February 7.

Seattle Seahawks – 5/1

It’s pretty hard to argue with the Seahawks being the favorite. Above everything else they will have some extra motivation after what happened against the Patriots in Super Bowl 49. They will enter next year’s season with the best defense, one of the best QBs and perhaps the most player-friendly Coach in the game.

Question marks surround the supporting cast however – Russell Wilson is slated to get a boat-load of money and then there is the reported $10 million contract that is on the table for Marshawn Lynch. That leaves very little cap room to lure free agents or to keep some key pieces on this team. I’m expecting a small step backward next year as the Hawks are forced to cope with a number of key pieces departing for greener pastures.

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New England Patriots – 7/1

With Tom Brady and Bill Belichick this team will always be in the hunt. The two have been masters of getting the most out of a roster that, on paper looks simply average. The Patriots have been playing a first place schedule for over a decade and have been top-notch every year. There is no reason to think differently about next year.

The Pats were top of the heap in 2015 and with Tom Brady restructuring his contract to allow for some cap room, there is a real chance that New England is a better team next year – scary. The front office, the coaching and the players on the field are always on the same page – impressive indeed!

The Pats should win the AFC next year and seriously challenge for the Title again next year. There is absolutely no reason to think that the Pats can’t get it done again – all they do is win!

Green Bay Packers – 8/1

The Green Bay Packers’ collapse in the NFC Championship game will haunt this team all season long but with arguably the best QB in the NFL expect Green Bay to be in the elite category of teams again next year . Unlike the Seahawks the Packers won’t have a ton of work to do in order to keep the core together – Randall Cobb is about the only key piece that is threatening to hit free agency.

Assuming Aaron Rodgers is healthy in the playoffs next year, Green Bay looks poised to be the NFC representative in the Big Game. Heck – if he was healthy this year it would have been a Green Bay/New England showdown on Sunday.

Take the Packers to rise to the occasion, take the next step and ride their MVP QB to the Super Bowl where they will lose to Tom Brady and crew in another Classic.

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Denver Broncos – 10/1

The Broncos window is closing fast – Peyton Manning just isn’t the same guy late in the season as he is early in the season. Word is that he will return for one last run (but we aren’t ever sure of that right now).

The team is up against the salary cap, Peyton Manning is another year older and the defense still isn’t up to the elite level it needs to be to challenge for the Championship. Denver is a scary bet next year – they may tease us in the Regular Season but could let us down in the postseason where Peyton has struggled mightily to get it done!

Dallas Cowboys – 14/1

Dallas is an intriguing 14/1 but the potential loss of DeMarco Murray threatens to derail their chances. Murray is irreplaceable – period! And if the Cowboys lose him, which it looks like they may, Dallas is an extremely risky bet to even duplicate what they did last year.

Talk to me when Murray is under contract. Otherwise stay away from Dallas to win it all!

Indianapolis Colts – 14/1

Defense wins Championships and unfortunately for the Colts there are just too few pieces on that side of the ball to make a long run in the playoffs. The absence of a good running game also makes them far too one-dimensional and easy to shut down. Just ask Bill Bellichick and the Pats!

Philadelphia Eagles – 20/1

intriguing 20/1 shot. But the question remains – WHO IS GOING TO BE THE STARTING QB?

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Until we know about the pivot for this team, it is best to stay away. By training camp, we’ll know a whole lot more about this team.

San Francisco 49ers 20/1
New Orleans Saints 22/1
Pittsburgh Steelers 25/1

Arizona Cardinals 33/1

Looking for a sleeper? How about the Cardinals who have one of the best coaches in the game, an insane defense and should get their starting QB and running back in uniform by the start of next season. Karma is a funny thing and the Cardinals are certainly owed their share of payback!

Baltimore Ravens 33/1
Detroit Lions 33/1
Atlanta Falcons 40/1
Carolina Panthers 40/1
Chicago Bears 40/1
Cincinnati Bengals 40/1
Houston Texans 40/1
Kansas City Chiefs 40/1
Miami Dolphins 40/1
Minnesota Vikings 40/1
New York Giants 40/1
San Diego Chargers 40/1
St. Louis Rams 40/1
Buffalo Bills 66/1
Cleveland Browns 66/1
New York Jets 100/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 100/1
Tennessee Titans 100/1
Washington Redskins 100/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 200/1
Oakland Raiders 200/1

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