NBA Series Predictions: Memphis vs. Golden State Gambling Futures

NBA Betting? Grizzlies vs Warriors Predictions

After cooling their heels for a while the top team in the league – Golden State – renews its quest for an NBA title against the feisty Memphis Grizzlies.

NBA Playoffs Betting:

Golden State vs. Memphis
Series Odds:  Warriors -800, Grizzlies +600


Memphis vs Golden State
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NBA Series Schedule:

Grizzlies vs Warriors NBA Playoffs, Game 1 Sunday, May 3, 12:30 PM ORACLE Arena, Oakland, California
G2 Grizzlies at Warriors – May 5
G3 Warriors at Grizzlies – May 9
G4 Warriors at Grizzlies – May 11
G5 Grizzlies at Warriors – May 13*
G6 Warriors at Grizzlies – May 15*
G7 Grizzlies at Warriors – May 17*
*if necessary

The Warriors made quick work of New Orleans in the first round, which is exactly what you are supposed to do after the kind of regular season they just completed.

If history teaches us anything this group probably still needs to struggle a little more before they become champs but they look really good right now.

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Memphis is built for playoff basketball but that is when they can count on the services of rugged PG Mike Conley. Without him the duo of Marc Gasol and ZeBo up front are just not enough and won’t be enough to win this series.

This group looks like it can only go so far and I wonder if there might be some big changes coming.


There is no doubt that the Golden State Warriors have the better starting backcourt. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are dynamic scoring options and they have been leading the team all season long. Up front the Warriors have good players though not as traditional as what the Grizzlies have.

They are not big up front either with Draymond Green playing the four spot, though his versatility is key to the Warriors offense and defense.

The strength of Memphis is their size and skill in the post.

Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph score and rebound as well as any other C/PF duo in the league and Gasol is a surprisingly good defensive player in the stay in front of you kind of way.

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On the perimeter this team is average at best and probably well below that without a healthy Mike Conley. The defense is sharp but on offense there are big holes.

Advantage:  Warriors


Golden State has some very good options off the bench.

The production of Andre Iguodala may vary from game to game but he is always solid and gives them what they need. Marreese Speights gives them extra length when they require it and the other guys can play.

There are some scorers there if they need them, it it just not very often

I can’t believe I am writing this but Vince Carter may be their most important player off the bench. He can still score a little and he has evolved as a leader.

They have brought Jeff Green off the bench of late and he could be an important scorer as they are going to really need to put points on the board to compete.

Bench:  Even


It is hard to argue with the result of sweeping the series against New Orleans. The individual game results might have infuriated backers but even though this is first go as coach, Steve Kerr knows what it takes to make it to the Finals and he seems to be managing his team accordingly.

David Joerger has more coaching experience than Kerr, having methodically worked his way through the professional ranks.

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He seems to have a good understanding of his team’s strengths and weaknesses and is not holding this group. Though he has won everywhere he has gone, to the best of my knowledge he has never been a part of an NBA championship.

Advantage:  Even

Series 4* Prediction:

 Stylistically both teams could create problems for the other.

The number tell you that Golden State is actually a pretty good defensive team but they definitely want to the pace of the game to be more up tempo. Memphis, regardless of who is in the lineup wants to slow things down and be more physical. Given those differences I think home court will be very advantageous in this series.

Look for GS to get up early and then Memphis to respond at home.

The series will turn when the Warriors take game four on the road and close it out at home in game five. Look to back Golden State in any game where they are favoured by two possessions or less (up to -6) except for game three.

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