Free Pick: 5 Reasons Why The Warriors Win the 2015 NBA Championship

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It’s finally here. The hyped up for good reason NBA Final upon us, and as all professional hoops cappers do, it’s time to speculate on what we should expect on the NBA hardcourt over the next couple weeks.

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The Golden State Warriors were the best team during the regular season and now they are in the NBA Finals for the first time in a long time. They are the favourites but are they really the team to beat against LeBron and the Cavs?

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Let’s have a look at why they are a good bet to win it all. I really think they can pull this off and the oddsmakers seem to think so too.

They are a great offensive team

Throughout the regular season and the playoffs the Warriors have shown that they are the best offensive team in the league.

Over the course of the year they are averaging a league best 110 points per game and have eclipsed that total a number of times in the playoffs.

I know that the game generally slows down this time of year but having offensive skill is still very important to winning.

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Just ask Memphis.

They are also a strong defensive team

Anyone who believes in advanced metrics knows that points are not the best measure of defensive strength.

The Warriors give up points because there are just a lot more possessions in their games but they are also the top defensive team in the NBA in terms of opponents FG%.

They can protect the three point line and with Andrew Bogut they also protect the rim. Their reputation is offense but they also play great team D.

They have a go to player

Its not like the Cavs don’t also but if you needed a player to make a shot in the NBA right now there is no one better than reigning MVP Steph Curry.

It could be a three, it could be a runner in the lane, it could be a free throw, he takes and makes shots better than anybody else right now.

He has been awesome and keeps showing that he is not shy about the big moments.

They have depth

The Warriors have a number of players they can use to help corral LeBron and are able to count on contributions from their bench.

David Lee is a former 20/10 guy and Andre Iguodala gives them whatever they need.

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Shaun Livingston is underrated too as a playmaker and sneaky scorer. The Warriors bench can hold their own and give the starters the blow they need and it is filled with veterans.

They haven’t played their best basketball yet

The key to a successful playoff run is to play your best basketball when it matters most.

Golden State has been good, obviously, but they have been getting by without getting much from shooter Klay Thompson, their second leading scorer during the regular season.

If he joins the party in a major way this club will be finally clicking on all cylinders.

It is amazing Curry has been as good as he has been without much support from his fellow splash brother.

NBA Finals Schedule

Game 1 Thursday, June 4 9 p.m. Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors ABC
Game 2 Sunday, June 7 8 p.m. Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors ABC
Game 3 Tuesday, June 9 9 p.m. Golden State Warriors Cleveland Cavaliers ABC
Game 4 Thursday, June 11 9 p.m. Golden State Warriors Cleveland Cavaliers ABC
Game 5* Sunday, June 14 8 p.m. Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors ABC
Game 6* Tuesday, June 16 9 p.m. Golden State Warriors Cleveland Cavaliers ABC
Game 7* Friday, June 19 9 p.m. Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors ABC

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