Free Pick: 5 Reasons Why The Cavaliers Win the 2015 NBA Championship

2015 NBA Finals Gambling?

With the much-anticipated NBA Final upon us, it’s time to speculate on what we should expect on the professional hardcourt over the next couple of weeks.

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Cavaliers vs. Warriors Odds To Win 7 Game Series
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Odds To Win The NBA Finals: +165

There is value on the Cavaliers at +170 to win it all. If they can steal either game 1 or game 2 and take home court advantage, the complete outcome of the series is shifted.

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Also backing the Cavaliers at plus money here could give bettors an opportunity to lock in profit and hedge their bets if Cleveland goes up in the series.

5 Reasons To Bet On The Cavaliers

1. Lebron James

It goes without saying, but the Cavaliers wouldn’t be where they are with you Lebron James. Back in the offseason, Lebron James decided it was time to come home and published an article about how nothing was given in Northeast Ohio. He also stated how Cleveland was still a couple pieces away from being a Championship caliber team. The season started off just like Lebron’s statement and Cleveland looked nothing better than a middle of the pack team. Then, Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love began to gel and the team took off. With Kevin Love being out the remainder of the playoffs with a separated shoulder and Kyrie Irving not 100%, the pressure has been on Lebron since the beginning of round 2. Lebron has responded to all that pressure consistently putting up double-doubles and mixing in a few triple-doubles. His postseason has been highlighted by a series changing fade away jump shot from the corner against the Chicago Bulls. He’ll have to continue to put up triple-double like stats as he goes up against one of the best offensive teams in basketball. The man is on a mission. Lebron James will be the main reason why Cleveland will be the 2015 NBA Champions or not.

2. Experience

Yes Cleveland has not won a Finals game. They were swept away in 2007 by the Spurs. However, they have the experience now in terms of playoff games as they’ve marched through. Kyrie Irving got his feet wet and is ready to take that next step. Lebron James has been a consistent player in the Finals with the Heat and Cavs. He was part of the 2007 Cavaliers team and counting this year, he’s reached the Finals 5 straight times.

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He’s won it a couple times with the Heat, so he knows what it feels like to hoist the trophy. His experience alone in the Finals is enough to carry this team to a championship.

3. Depth

The Cavaliers made three key acquisitions about a month before the trade deadline. They acquired J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert in a 3 team deal with the Knicks and Thunder. Then, the acquired Timofey Mozgov for essentially draft picks. By making the moves about a month prior to the deadline, they essentially gave themselves the opportunity to not have to overpay minutes before the deadline. With these acquisitions, it set themselves up for a solid bench and some backups incase of an injury. That obviously came into valuable play when Kevin Love went down. Cleveland would not be in the Finals without all three of them. They also have gotten extremely clutch play from backup point guard Matthew Dellavedova. He has shown he is a pest on the defensive end, but with Irving not 100%, “Delly” has stepped up into a clutch role many times.

4. Ability To Win On The Road

Cleveland has shown throughout the entire postseason that they can steal road games at any time. Protecting home court in any sport in the postseason is key, but winning a game or two on the road can change the series completely. Cleveland easily won both games in Boston in round 1, then stole 2 in Chicago, and 2 in Atlanta. With the ability to win road games, they are never out of a series.

5. Cleveland Needs It

If you’re not a die hard of either team, Cleveland needs this one.

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This is a chance to put an end to the drought and celebrate and show just how great Cleveland is. The players know that and will do whatever it takes to win it all.

NBA Finals Schedule

Game 1 Thursday, June 4 9 p.m. Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors ABC
Game 2 Sunday, June 7 8 p.m. Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors ABC
Game 3 Tuesday, June 9 9 p.m. Golden State Warriors Cleveland Cavaliers ABC
Game 4 Thursday, June 11 9 p.m. Golden State Warriors Cleveland Cavaliers ABC
Game 5* Sunday, June 14 8 p.m. Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors ABC
Game 6* Tuesday, June 16 9 p.m. Golden State Warriors Cleveland Cavaliers ABC
Game 7* Friday, June 19 9 p.m. Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors ABC

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By Tony M

Tony is new to Cappers Picks and has been betting on sports since the first day he turned 18. He is a 22 year old Cleveland native who lives and breathes Indians baseball. His dream is to be part of a championship celebration at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario.