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The 2015 NBA gambling offseason has been quite kind to a handful of contending franchises. It’s also been downright mean to a few others.

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For those who have improved, a deep run in the 2016 playoffs should be inevitable en route to a championship next season.

Check out the complete odds, via Bovada, below. But first, here are our favorites to bet entering next season.

Cleveland Cavaliers (11/4)

Any time you have LeBron James on you’re roster, you’re going to be considered a favorite to win an NBA championship.

This past season, health managed to put Cleveland’s championship run to a halt. And yet, James still managed to force a Game 6 in the Finals against the eventual-champion Golden State Warriors.

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In 2015-16, this team is going to be healthy, meaning Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving will be there to complement the best player on the planet. The Cavs have done an excellent job retaining its incumbent pieces from last season, and the only remaining question is more ‘when’ than ‘if’ when it comes to Tristan Thompson’s inevitable long-term deal.

San Antonio Spurs (3/1)

No team improved as much as this offseason as the San Antonio Spurs. They managed to convince Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili to skip retirement for another year, and they brought in the summer’s marquee free agent in LaMarcus Aldridge.

Not only did the Spurs acquire a perennial All-Star, but it convinced David West to leave more than $11 million on the table to take a veteran’s minimum contract and play off the bench on a true contender.

Combine all of this with Gregg Popovich’s ability to get the most out of his bench, and you’ve got a team that should be ready to compete for a title from Day 1 of the 2015-16 season.

Golden State Warriors (5/1)

There’s absolutely no reason to doubt the Golden State Warriors going into next year. Entering 2014-15, you could have questioned whether or not the team had the experience to complement its talent, but that’s no longer a reasonable query considering this group just knocked off The King to win its first championship in 40 years.

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The only major piece to the puzzle that will be absent next season is David Lee. However, the truth is that he was a minor piece at best by the time the year came to an end. He did have two productive games in the Finals, but there’s no reason to believe he’d be back in the rotation next season.

Instead, Draymond Green is back with his max contract. You can wonder whether a player who does nothing great (except defend) deserves such a lucrative deal, but he complements the Steph Currys, Klay Thompsons and Andrew Boguts nicely enough that it was a no-brainer when it came down to negotiations.

Oklahoma City Thunder (17/2)

Health. Health is the only thing that is going to keep the Oklahoma City Thunder out of championship discussions next season.

This past year, both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook saw significant time on the bench due to injuries. For that reason, we got the rare opportunity to watch this group actually improve through the draft, selecting point guard Cameron Payne.

Although we have visual evidence that Westbrook is healthy from what we saw late in the year, we have no way of knowing what Durant will do coming off such an injury-riddled season. Keep an eye on his status, as it should be the No. 1 wild card when betting this team.

Los Angeles Clippers (12/1)

The Los Angeles Clippers almost plummeted down the list of favorites when DeAndre Jordan announced he’d be signing with the Dallas Mavericks this offseason. Then the tides turned back in their favor, as the big man spurned his newfound franchise for the one that drafted him back in 2008.

With Jordan back on board, the team can focus on integrating its new pieces. That includes should-be starting small forward Paul Pierce, potential super-sub Lance Stephenson and Josh Smith (who despite coming with question marks, was had at the price of a minimum contract).

This team blew a huge series lead to the Houston Rockets last season before falling out of the playoffs.

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But now, they have a chance to make the Western Conference Finals with a surprisingly deeper roster in place.

2016 NBA Futures Odds

  • Cleveland Cavaliers (11/4)
  • San Antonio Spurs (3/1)
  • Golden State Warriors (5/1)
  • Oklahoma City Thunder (17/2)
  • Los Angeles Clippers (12/1)
  • Houston Rockets (16/1)
  • Chicago Bulls (20/1)
  • Miami Heat (20/1)
  • Memphis Grizzlies (33/1)
  • Atlanta Hawks (40/1)
  • New Orleans Pelicans (40/1)
  • Dallas Mavericks (50/1)
  • Indiana Pacers (50/1)
  • Milwaukee Bucks (50/1)
  • Toronto Raptors (50/1)
  • Washington Wizards (50/1)
  • Los Angeles Lakers (66/1)
  • Boston Celtics (75/1)
  • Detroit Pistons (100/1)
  • Phoenix Suns (100/1)
  • Portland Trailblazers (100/1) 
  • Utah Jazz (100/1)
  • Brooklyn Nets (150/1) 
  • Minnesota Timberwolves (150/1) 
  • New York Knicks (150/1)
  • Sacramento Kings (150/1)
  • Denver Nuggets (200/1)
  • Charlotte Hornets (250/1) 
  • Orlando Magic (250/1)
  • Philadelphia 76ers (250/1)

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