Cleveland Cavaliers’ Odds To Win 2016 NBA Championship

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are currently listed as the favorites to win the 2016 NBA Championship, and it’s easy to see why. After all, this is virtually the same team that pushed the eventual-2015 champion Golden State Warriors to six games in the Finals without Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving on the court — except it’s presumably going to enter next year’s campaign

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Head Coach: David Blatt
Conference: East
2014-15 Record: 53-29
Odds To Win 2016 NBA Championship: 11/4

Team Strengths

LeBron James. LeBron James. LeBron James.

Assuming The King is healthy, he’s unequivocally the biggest reason this team is going to be a contender for a Larry O’Brien Trophy.

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Although there’s been talk about James slowly losing his athleticism, he proved doubters wrong with his performance in the 2015 Finals. Granted, his showing wasn’t an athleticism-fused work of art — it was just a brilliant overall showing that proves he’s still the best player on the planet.

When looking at this roster, you can’t discredit what management has done (or at least what LeBron has done to orchestrate the necessary moves). When healthy, Kevin Love can help spread the floor better than just about anyone his size. Also when healthy, Kyrie Irving will be the perfect scoring/distributing complement to James.

This group has an embarrassment of riches at this point, which is why depth is certainly one of the team’s strengths behind James. Looks for the Cavs to utilize that depth throughout the regular season, giving the starters the rest they need to be fresh for the playoffs.

Team Weaknesses

As crazy as it sounds with LeBron, Love, Tristan Thompson and crew at the rim, this team needs to be more dominant rebounding the basketball next season.

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In 2014-15, the Cavs were just 18th in rebounding. Ironically enough, they were third when it came to opponent rebounds per contest, but that brings us to our next point: pace.

The Cavs’ opponent rebounding numbers had far more to do with there being fewer possessions in their contests than actual rebounding prowess. Cleveland ran the sixth-slowest pace in the NBA last season, while the Golden State Warriors — the eventual league champs — were No. 1 in that category.

Why They Can Win 2016 NBA Championship

Death. Taxes. LeBron James contending for a championship.

These are your guarantees in life.

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With the Eastern Conference as watered down as it is, expect the Cavaliers to be on top of the standings the entire season. They’re deeper this year than they were last season, and they have a whole year together under their belts.

Remember: What they did last season was all in their first year as a new-look unit.

The one question mark here is whether or not Tristan Thompson will be locked up long-term in free agency. What once seemed like a foregone conclusion is now becoming a point of concern for Cavs fans everywhere.

Assuming the deal gets done, this squad will be ready to compete. And even if the new contract never comes to fruition, expect James to lead his crew of complementary players to nothing less than Eastern Conference title contention in 2016.

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