2015 NBA Finals Betting Pick: Golden State vs. Cleveland Series Preview

NBA Betting: Warriors vs Cavs Predictions

Then there was two. The NBA season has just two teams remaining as the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors meet in the 2015 NBA Championship.

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NBA Finals Schedule

Game 1 Thursday, June 4 9 p.m. Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors ABC
Game 2 Sunday, June 7 8 p.m. Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors ABC
Game 3 Tuesday, June 9 9 p.m. Golden State Warriors Cleveland Cavaliers ABC
Game 4 Thursday, June 11 9 p.m. Golden State Warriors Cleveland Cavaliers ABC
Game 5* Sunday, June 14 8 p.m. Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors ABC
Game 6* Tuesday, June 16 9 p.m. Golden State Warriors Cleveland Cavaliers ABC
Game 7* Friday, June 19 9 p.m. Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors ABC

A finals matchup predicted by many mid season has come to a reality as the Cleveland Cavaliers, the 2 seed from the East, meets with the overall number 1 seed, the Golden State Warriors, in the 2015 NBA Finals.

Health will play a major role in the NBA Finals matchup as both teams have players dealing with some injury issues.

If everything goes according to plan and everybody plays, this series will feature some of the top tier players in the NBA.

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Lebron James and Steph Curry will highlight the stars, but both teams will showcase some of the best talent in the NBA.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors

Lebron James tokened the phrase “there’s no place like home,” as he returned to Cleveland this past offseason. In his return letter, he stated that Cleveland had a lot of work to do and may not be a championship caliber team just yet.

It looked as if Lebron was onto something as Cleveland stumbled out of the gate and we’re clearly the underachievers of the league.

However, with the big 3, Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love, all at full health, Cleveland took off and marched their way up the standings essentially pushing everybody but the Atlanta Hawks aside. They got their chance at pushing the Hawks aside and did just that in the Eastern Conference Finals.

As for the Warriors, they came rushing out of the gate and never looked back. Splash brothers Steph Curry and Klay Thompson took the Western Conference by control and easily cruised their way to the number 1 seed in the West.

Their first real adversity of the season came in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals when Klay Thompson got kneed in the head and was visibly wounded. He came down with major headaches and required stitches in a cut.

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His status for Game 1 is probable as he’s feeling close to 100%.


PG: Kyrie Irving vs. Steph Curry

This will be the most interesting matchup of the series. Kyrie Irving is struggling health wise and missed Games 2 and 3 in the Eastern Conference Finals. However, he played in Game 4 and recorded 16 points and 5 assists in the blowout win. Steph Curry on the other hand has been dominating this postseason consistently. Curry scored 26 points and 8 assists in the game clinching win against Houston.

SG: Iman Shumpert vs. Klay Thompson

Shumpert, typically known as a defensive minded player, will need to step up considerably as he’ll have the tough task of guarding Thompson. Assuming Thompson plays, expect him to avoid contact in the early portion of the series as he does not want to miss any extended amount of time in the Finals.

SF: Lebron James vs. Harrison Barnes

Lebron James has looked like a man on a mission this postseason and has carried the Cavaliers on his back. Harrison Barnes main job this series will be focusing on stopping James and forcing him into tough jump shots. James’ only real struggle this postseason has been his 3 point shooting.

PF: Tristan Thompson vs. Draymond Green

Tristan Thompson has been the secret, under the radar weapon for Cleveland. Thompson has been a fein on the offensive glass. As for Draymond Green, he was a faster step than Thompson and will look to take the big man to the rack.

C: Timofey Mozgov vs. Andrew Bogut

Mozgov was one of the 3 big acquisitions the Cavs had this season. He has played a vital role to get the Cavs here. Mozgov has consistently put up double figures and grabbed his fair share of rebounds.

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Bogut has seen his minutes reduced drastically as he plays on average about 20 minutes a game. He may see more time as he’ll have to slow down the Cavaliers 7 foot big man.

Series Prediction: Cleveland in 7

This will be a fun series for fans. Both teams are so deep and just so good. At the end of it all, Cleveland and Lebron James are on a mission. Lebron brings home the trophy to his hometown as Cleveland finally puts an end to their championship drought.

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By Tony M

Tony is new to Cappers Picks and has been betting on sports since the first day he turned 18. He is a 22 year old Cleveland native who lives and breathes Indians baseball. His dream is to be part of a championship celebration at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario.