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2015 MLB Team Season Previews – Braves

One of the most consistent franchises in the game (the Atlanta Braves) are looking like they might be headed for a serious down cycle. I am all for the pinning the future on promising pitching but they have gutted their lineup, making it older and less talented at the same time.

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It is an interesting strategy, one that will definitely put them in lower half of the NL East this season.

2015 MLB Team Previews – Atlanta Braves

  • National League East:  +3500
  • National League:  +5000
  • World Series:  +10000

Key Additions:

  • RH Shelby Miller
  • OF Nick Markakis
  • OF Eric Young
  • OF Johnny Gomes

If they had just added these players to their nucleus it might have rounded out a contending team but the Braves gave up a lot to get Miller and I am not sure why they were so intent on signing Markakis to replace Justin Upton.

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Gomes is a great guy to have around on a team but he is not a difference maker. Young’s speed is still a valuable asset.

Key Losses:

  • OF Jason Heyward
  • OF Justin Upton
  • 2B Evan Gattis

The Braves will be missing a lot of offense from last season. Freddie Freeman is the lone significant contributor that remains and you have to wonder how much being isolated in that lineup will impact his production.

Only time will tell if they gave up on Heyward too soon or too late. Gattis wasn’t perfect but he could jack the ball out of the yard.

Projected Lineup:

  • OF Eric Young
  • OF Nick Markakis
  • 1B Freddie Freeman
  • 3B Chris Johnson
  • C Christian Betancourt
  • 2B Alberto Callaspo
  • SS Andrelton Simmons
  • OF Melvin Upton

 First of all, that Melvin Upton guy at the bottom there is the the former B.J. Upton and they need him to get back to some of the form he showed in Tampa for this lineup to be even half decent. Freeman is strong enough as an anchor but I think he is going to find it hard to have a big season with this group.

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Eric Young could lead the league in steals if they let him fly but he is not a great OBP guy and I think we have already seen the best of Markakis and Johnson. Even when this team is going well offensively this group does not have much jump. Other than Freeman I don’t see anyone I would wager on to hit more than 20 homers…do you?

The pitching is going to have to be better than good for this group to compete.

Projected Rotation:

  • RH Julio Teheran
  • LH Alex Wood
  • RH Shelby Miller
  • LH Mike Minor
  • LH Eric Stults

This is a pretty young group with each of the core having had some success in their MLB careers so far. As the season approaches there is concern about the health of Minor, who also might be the most talented. Teheran looks like he is going to have a nice career but he is more of a number two guy to me.

If Miller can advance to a level close to his prospect expectations than this team will have a really solid top three that will keep them in the game most of the time. You just have to wonder how losing will affect them.

Projected Closer:

  • RH Craig Kimbrel
  • RH Jim Johnson
  • LH James Russell 

Kimbrel may not look like much but he is one of the best closers in the game and has been ever since he hit the Majors. He is not only effective he is dominant, so opponents know that once he is in the game it is practically over.

This year Atlanta has Jim Johnson in a setup role. Never known for his dominant stuff he had two 50 save seasons with the Orioles not that long ago. He plays against typecast with his stuff but maybe he gets his mojo back in a less pressureful role. Russell is supposed to be a lefty specialist but he does pretty well against righties too.

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2015 Atlanta Braves Season Predictions:

This is not going to be a strong season for Atlanta. Last year they finished under .500 at 79-83 and I expect they will be worse this season, giving them back to back losing seasons for the first time since 1989-1990. Like the teams that broke that rut this group will be pitching heavy but I am not sure there are any HOFers hanging around right now.

The offense of the club is going to be very weak this season. Without much pop they are going to have to work very hard to produce runs and don’t have a group well suited to do that.

They are going to be a fade team and the only thing keeping them from last place is the sorry state of Philadelphia.

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