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Fantasy Football: Top 20 RB Rankings

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2009 Top 20 Fantasy RunningBacks

Fantasy Football Draft Guide – Cheat Sheets & Player Rankings

Are you in the market for fantasy football draft info? Or Runningback Rankings + RB cheat sheets for your 2009 fantasy draft?

Pre-season is nearly upon us, so for the next few weeks we encourage you to be checking out our fantasy football draft guide for all your rankings and analysis for the upcoming league drafts that your going to be participating in.

Betting on US Open 2009 odds is fun, but have you ever tried playing fantasy golf? It sucks. Pick a needle-in-a-haystack golfer, hope he wins, then you’re not allowed to pick him again all season? No thank you. Bring on the fantasy football, please.

Let’s look at the top-20 fantasy running backs for this coming season – guys whose combination of talent and good situations gives them a chance to seriously boost their teams’ NFL odds.

1. Adrian Peterson – Minnesota Vikings

The tall, powerful AP is the new top standard for NFL running backs. He’s explosive and his 20-plus carries per game are secure. Imagine how valuable he’d be if he was a pass catcher? He only had 125 receiving yards compared to 1,760 rushing yards last season.

2. Michael Turner – Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons may run him into the ground within a few years – he had 376 carries last season – but he’s fresh right now and the bullish Turner should pile up yards and touchdowns again in a developing Falcons offense.

3. Maurice Jones-Drew – Jacksonville Jaguars

OK, MoJo. The stage is yours – now show us what you can do as a starter. That the human bowling ball was so valuable for three seasons without starting shows how talented he is. Now he’ll get his 250-plus carries and he could post an MVP-caliber season – as long as his body holds up to that type of duty. Bump him up a spot if the Jags still give him kick-return touches.

4. LaDainian Tomlinson – San Diego Chargers

LT2 probably isn’t this high on most lists, as he hobbled through a reduced role last season, but I still think he has one good year left in him (before his inevitable rebirth with the New England Patriots during the twilight of his career). You may be able to get him outside the top 10 picks this season and reap the rewards.

5. DeAngelo Williams – Carolina Panthers

If you had any type of betting software that could’ve predicted that Williams would be the No. 1 overall fantasy player in 2008, please sell it to me immediately. He had a banner year – 18 rushing TDS??? – but he’s still a small back, susceptible to injury, plus he has Jonathan Stewart stealing carries. Color me a tiny bit skeptical.

6. Matt Forte – Chicago Bears

Forte isn’t as explosive as the backs above him, but a good role means a lot in fantasy football. He’s a 300-carry back who also caught 63 passes last year. Because he touches the ball so much, he’s as safe as picks can get.

7. Brian Westbrook – Philadelphia Eagles

Is this the year the little guy finally breaks down for real? For real for real? Maybe, as he’s missing more time each season. However, his touchdowns are going up, so his value could remain sky-high again. I’d still reach for a sturdier option in round 1, though.

8. Clinton Portis – Washington Redskins

He’s the new Fred Taylor – the guy everyone labels as “injury-prone” but who actually rarely misses time. Raise your hand if you knew he topped 325 carries in four of his last five seasons. He’s rock-solid year after year.

9. Steven Jackson – St. Louis Rams

There’s no questioning the monstrous Jackson’s talent but several seasons of facing eight-man fronts (thanks to Marc Bulger’s crappiness) have broken down his body. He can’t stay healthy, so I don’t blame anyone who grabs a Slaton or Barber instead.

10. Frank Gore – San Francisco Giants

He’s a special player, but did he set the bar unrealistically high in 2006 when he ran for 1,695 yards? He won’t explode again until the passing game improves in San Fran and he doesn’t find the endzone enough to be a truly elite fantasy back.

11. Steve Slaton – Houston Texans
12. Chris Johnson – Tennessee Titans
13. Marion Barber – Dallas Cowboys
14. Brandon Jacobs – New York Giants
15. Ronnie Brown – Miami Dolphins
16. Larry Johnson – Kansas City Chiefs
17. Reggie Bush – New Orleans Saints
18. Thomas Jones – New York Jets (?)
19. Joseph Addai – Indianapolis Colts
20. Jonathan Stewart – Carolina Panthers

Don’t agree with our rankings? Comments below are welcome…give us your rankings!!!!


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My first pick would be Michael Turner of the Atlanta Falcons. I agree with your accessment that the fact he is young and healthy means he will continue to carry the load for Atlanta racking up the fantasy points.

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